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@  Warped : (22 August 2017 - 05:32 AM)

I got to be in the path of the total eclipse of the sun. If anyone every has a chance, DO IT. I wont be missing a single one from now on, even if i have to fly.

@  clipper11 : (19 August 2017 - 01:11 PM)

scrub that

@  clipper11 : (19 August 2017 - 01:09 PM)

all but 2

@  clipper11 : (19 August 2017 - 01:09 PM)

all severs down

@  Matt76 : (15 August 2017 - 08:54 PM)

a new wasteland mission later on tonight http://customcombatg...st-apex/page-11

@  Major_lag : (13 August 2017 - 10:30 PM)

When you log into exile, Ralium, it displays what is new

@  Ralium : (13 August 2017 - 07:44 PM)

Please post patch nodes on exile i see hardware store sell alarm system and radar is working again.

@  torndeco : (13 August 2017 - 05:58 PM)

Small CCG Mod Update for Exile Servers

@  Matt76 : (12 August 2017 - 10:54 AM)

Boom ! Malden Wasteland is the highest ranked Arma 3 server we've ever had #24 :o

@  Arppa : (11 August 2017 - 04:27 PM)

humanitarian ops and cluster mines, I love the contradiction there :D

@  Matt76 : (10 August 2017 - 07:45 PM)

EOD vests and cluster mines :0

@  Barney626 : (10 August 2017 - 05:33 PM)

'Orange' DLC finally revealed... https://www.youtube....h?v=DwU0Hnch_28

@  torndeco : (08 August 2017 - 08:38 PM)

Same for Exile Servers.
Note: If you are using profile branch on steam. You will need to switch back to normal, untill next perf build is released.

@  Matt76 : (08 August 2017 - 08:25 PM)

Arma 3 update just out 1.74 for all wasteland players close steam and re-open etc

@  Matt76 : (07 August 2017 - 03:46 PM)

a few more updates for Exile from the goblins in the back room :) http://customcombatg...e-2#entry153695

@  Arppa : (07 August 2017 - 08:36 AM)

Oh, didnt know that, so no A4 before 2030 at earliest :D

@  Joní : (06 August 2017 - 12:59 PM)

@Arppa, I wouldnt hold ya out any hopes for it soon, they gonna be using the DayZ Stand Alone Engine for Arma 4... And fuck knows when SA will be finished. ;-)

@  Arppa : (06 August 2017 - 09:01 AM)

I wonder when BI announces Arma 4 :y Kinda bored to A3 already

@  Matt76 : (05 August 2017 - 11:18 AM)

Updated exile change log http://customcombatg...e-2#entry153695

@  Major_lag : (05 August 2017 - 12:44 AM)

The update was probably them re-enabling flag stealing from the safe changes

Most Liked Content

#11639 CCG Launcher Download and Instructions

Posted by Punisher on 01 December 2013 - 05:08 PM

Download the latest version here  : 



We will be running the old version for a few days while the new one is tested.


Please post issues here: http://customcombatg...auncher-issues/




Change Log

  • Launcher is now a custom version of A3Launcher/DZLauncher


  • Restart time added
  • ARMA 3 launching method changed
  • Password field, so you can join passworded server easily.
  • Able to join any Steam game server (some games have not fully implemented this yet)
  • Added a game filter.



You may need the following install also:



If you have any issues join teamspeak

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#69361 CCG Wants you !

Posted by Matt76 on 07 January 2015 - 01:14 PM

Before reading on please take into consideration to save you time further down the line.


* You have to be 18 years or older

* You have to have been seen to be active on the forums, helping the community with questions and support etc, i.e. making a contribution.

* You don't have to be a computer wiz at all, you are applying to be a community moderator.

* Ideally you must have at least 20 posts on the forums (not spam or digging up old threads) before you will be able to apply.

* You can speak to people professionally and maturely.

* Gets along with people and has a tolerance for flatulence and the proverbial piss taking.

* You have a good understanding of how to play the games we support.

* Being part of our team means being a Moderator or Admin for all of our servers not just the one you play on.


CCG are looking for Moderators to join our team. Moderators fall into two pots, the first being players who just want to get involved but still love playing our servers and are just happy being moderators and then the second pot, players who have really had enough of playing or want to do something totally different so eventually want to be an Admin and get involved with the extra tasks our team do.

All new people that are accepted into our team start as a 'Moderator', there is no set period to how long this will be if you wanted to be an admin that's for us to decide! :)


To us it's just as important that everyone gets along as we are a close nit group of old grumpy buggers that have seen most things in life.


If you feel like getting involved and seeing a different side to things then please apply HERE


Kind Regards

The CCG Team

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#111591 [How to] Setup subscriber slot on Exile servers

Posted by Redi on 17 October 2015 - 03:09 PM







After selecting your Package from the Subscribe now section you will be given a form to fill in



Fill the form in as accurately as possible, including your Steam 64bit player ID How to obtain your 64bit ID



After donating please create a SUPPORT TICKET




Create a "New Request"




Select Donations from the dropdown, entitle it "Activate my subscription please"



When the whitelisting process is complete we will notify you








All Exile servers are free to play with a limited number of reserved slots per server.


If you are not a subscriber you may be kicked for "Subscriber slot" when all free slots are occupied.


Please wait for 1 server restart for this to take affect once activated. Server restarts every 2 hours (See launcher for restart times).





When making any amendments to your existing package you must notify us with a SUPPORT TICKET along with making changes in your 'Client Area' WfJG44Q.png


Please use the following format in your Support Ticket


Add: 7656....

Remove: 7656....




I hope you all enjoy yourselves and thank you for supporting us!




Payments & Cancellations


You will be charged monthly as it is a subscription.


If you wish to cancel you must do so through your PayPal manually.



HOW TO: Cancel My Subscription

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#36804 Manual Torrent Downloads

Posted by maca134 on 30 June 2014 - 06:36 PM

NOTE: some of the torrents your need to right click on the link and click "Save link as" (Chrome)
Here is the link to the files:
Arma 2
DayZ Epoch
DayZ Overwatch (If you already use the launcher, Overwatch HAS NOT CHANGED AND DOES NOT NEED DOWNLOADING)
All In ARMA Terrain Pack (1.4.1) (Chernarus)
All In ARMA Terrain Pack Lite (1.4.1)
Esseker (0.75)
An alt download for esseker is via the steam workshop found here - http://steamcommunit...rchtext=esseker
Exile (0.9.35)
Once download, please remember to seed. Thankyou.
Big thanks for dedmetal for his Video guide: 
Once you have downloaded the torrents you will be left with 2 zip files in your download folder.
Right click on the "@DayZ_Epoch1051.zip" file and click "Open" (If you are using something else like winrar or 7-zip please right click and choose "Open With/Windows Explorer"
Once you are in the zip file, right click on the folder and click "Copy"
Locate your Mods folder in the CCG Launcher by opening the launcher and clicking on the "settings" button top right hand side of the window and click on "Open Mod Folder"

Once you are in your mods folder you need to right click and hit "paste"
Please follow these same steps with "@DayzOverwatch.zip", you should have 2 folders in your mods/downloads folder
PLEASE SEED - Don't be that guy or that girl that just takes, HELP! the community.
Mod Codes
DayzOverwatch    1a89c5975160a43a68cd49d878259c40
DayZEpochPanthera    3aadce4adbc71b3ad25f97fea77036e0
fdf_podagorsk    24t98erygh34ogfi8ewgiu3
DayZFallujah    54yvbwvc54u6yiyhsefwer3w4r
Dayz_Epoch1051    08gdoqfurkbfll72627remqjdv6h28j5
DayZ_Namalsk    438htg8938fh7u34ghf942376j
DayZLingor    43ty45h567u657768i78iotegw
DayZ_Sahrani    54yyuj7u8i6gwef43y769i7rtgfw
Taviana    46576jtyherb56yj68kj5hj465
DayzOrigins1785    34t3f345y45y45rgh4j6nhn
DayzOrigins179    3ba67e99562bbd9b60cca94f7a07df25
custom    538y98evosdhihcvaso
mas    65u76iktrg465u78lpoyhrdev
hafm_arma2_helis_ahles3_fix    768o87jffrtkiuliuljh
AllInArmaTerrainPack    78956thu6k78k43d321f45rh76i786tgber
CaribouFrontier    45yj09ghihbiuwebfvt
mana    43yrth65hgrehjytuiyt
ArmAGeddon    658786ukwcdf236tryhdfgt
christmas    54yytjnrefvrtj98ipergsrdgfgj
jade    2t54y765iu76ittfqac2r
Epoch    45y76ik7l98kgfbegfwef43f
Emod    546yhn76kjsfc2w43g454f345y65ui
mao_anims_sway_fix    4565h3f2f45uy76ieff
Epoch0252    4376654h3f45y6654hgs
Emod02    5477987jfgberdgdfrh
pcbs    45y56h654h56h56h
m3editormp    4cfbvctry88786863fdbfdfw
panthera    0c2f94df337b5941a3fb49b8b4e95d93
Bornholm13    457y76i87kgwef43f5y7i87
Mocap    43645hdfvwef54y
CBA_A3    768yth4g65t65h
ROJ    8797jkhgnbrt3ry56
masvehicles    mgfh64fghweg5y
mas18    5yytyujgesf543t45y
Epoch0301    0aaafb7c4130ae0b2823fcd5a977c61c
Emod03    58yh54g6tju5hyt
Epoch0302    44789f4251f7c45f384e7396864477da
Emod031    61a663a9cf68a07d7a03a5823593c08c
Epoch0303    0fa5c25bfb0664b344bd908334a967e0
DayZ    eafa818c9bbc4abd14257bb15ab7424f
Esseker    169348772346289d2c587dd812d99f30
Epoch0304    076c820303f3d1d58be0d5a89adc0739


How to create key files

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#83210 Easter Treasure Hunt

Posted by Redi on 03 April 2015 - 07:18 PM



CCG Easter bunnies have been bouncing around ALL Arma 2 Epoch/Overpoch servers but it seems they have dropped something along the way


Look for a safe placed in a field in a random location. Inside you will find lots goodies


4/4/15 12PM gmt the hunt begins. The safe codes will reset to 0000


You have 21 days until the safes despawn to find them



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#48765 Before you come in to report a rule breaker

Posted by Foo on 18 August 2014 - 07:27 PM

So you have just been rammed in a safe zone and sent hurtling to your death, or your base has just been struck by a crazy kamikaze attack.




What you need to do, before entering Team-Speak and raging into a poor unsuspecting admin or C.C.G. team member is;


Ensure you have solid, informative evidence, that can clearly be interpreted into a definitive decision by the admin or C.C.G. team.


There is absolutely no point coming into team speak or posting on the forums with a situation that you expect C.C.G. to deal with, when there is no proof of the event, or worst still, a report that is not even against the rules or guidelines. We get so many of these a day, where someone accuses someone of breaking a rule that does not even exist.


So ensure you have good video, showing the exact incident, the names of the accused, the time and date, and anything else you feel would be beneficial to the team member working on your case.


Still shots of an egg timer really are no use to any claim of rule breaking.


This post has been made due to the recent up-trend in abusive players who enter the team speak help channels, and rage at a poor member of the team, who has no clue what has just happened and is trying to calm down, the cursing, bile spewing irate player, when he is told we can do nothing without something to work with.


This post will be used as a go to by all the admin team now, and if you are linked to this and continue to abuse, or disrespect the admin attempting to help you, there may be serious repercussions, which could lead to you being the one exiting Custom Combat Gaming.


We are here to help, not to be abused. We cannot help if we do not have anything to work with, or until the C.C.G. scientists develop the psychic helm they are working on now.


The C.C.G. Team

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#95349 Clarification on what we class as "Respecting all players"

Posted by PeeBeds on 20 June 2015 - 09:50 AM

Most of you wont see it, as you tend to play on your regular servers and dont get to see the bigger picture like us Admins do, but of late there seems to have been an increase in all forms of dis-respect toward other players. Be it racism, homophobia, intolerably foul language, sexism, pedophilia etc etc....it just seems to have increased to the point where every day, we are having to ban people and explain why they have been banned.


Let me quite clear: If your abusive toward another player, or use profanity which we deem to be unacceptable, you will be taking a short holiday from CCG's servers.


I dont care if its in the latest cool song, or you and your RL friends use them.....if we deem it to be unacceptable, then your out.

Think about it like this, before you open your mouth and spout some guff....would you talk to your Mother in the same way?

The internet is (predominantly)a faceless world and you have no idea who you are talking to, so just because you dont find something offensive, someone else might. 


The rules are HERE


But it boils down to this:


Respect Players And Admins At All Times


Admin Decisions Are FINAL

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#48575 2010 players make CCG a record breaking community

Posted by Foo on 17 August 2014 - 10:02 PM

Thanks to you guys and girls, 


We hit over the 2000 players on-line for the first time tonight.


You are all awesome !!



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#45119 Logo event

Posted by JustEddUk on 01 August 2014 - 01:42 AM

Here is my attempt, took me forever to decide on a font :S




Water marks and ccg logo can and will be removed upon request

Hope you like it :)

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#38309 CCG Team Commitment in a Nutshell

Posted by DrunkenLeppy on 03 July 2014 - 10:36 AM

I was wondering did ne one else notice the commitment of the CCG team in the last few days or have you all been so wrapped up in the changeover and the bugs well I for one have late nights early mornings I can tell you I have on 2 occassions this week had a late 3am finish up and would be popping in and out of their TS to find Macca Matt and Craig on late fixing problems with the bugs etc etc.


I also would get on in the morning early and when I'd pop in to TS to say hello they would be hard at it. I was even in the help channel the other day when Leroy was dealing with issues while at work and on his lunch break and today I messaged Craig about an issue and he was sorting it out as conversations go he was off for the weekend with the family and was taking his laptop with him so he could be doing a bit while away.


I for one would like to thank you guys from D4C Gaming for such a smooth transition to steam as I can see the problems that other servers are having you have worked really hard this week not saying you dont every week to bring the best Overpoch experience to the dayz mod your commitment to your members and customers in my eyes is a touch of class its why you guys have such a huge fanbase I believe its over 3000 members and players across your servers keep up the good work your work ethic isn't going on seen as the true CCG faithful will be their to assist other members issues that I am seening on the forum so you guys can do what you do best.


Keep up the good work guys on behalf of De4dcert and D4C gaming


Plz like to show the guys how much we appreciate their hard work all week

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Posted by Michael on 21 January 2014 - 08:31 PM

When posting an unban request, please supply the following information as it will help us deal with your request quicker:

  • Your current in-game name and any names you may have used before.
  • Your 64-bit SteamID
  • Your ban # (when you get kicked it provides you with a ban #). 
  • Any circumstances you believe may have led to your ban.
  • Any evidence you may have to defend yourself.

Once your unban appeal has been processed your post will be moved to the Archive.


Please note: Global bans are handled by BattlEye - and only BattlEye. There is nothing we can do here to solve the problem. You must contact BattlEye Support if you think you're ban is a false positive. If you know that you have cheated, then stop reading and refrain from bothering BattlEye. They won't help in this case and all your excuses are long time known.
If you claim that your key has been stolen: This is entirely your own fault. It is not possible to steal your key from within the game. If your your key is stolen then you installed some malicious piece of software which actually is a hacking tool that steals your key by reading it from the registry. There are quite a few fake programs out there doing this, and they can have as well called "framerate boosters" etc. - Do not run any software that was recommended to you or you found on the internet and from which you don't know what it does! Stop using your computer with administrator rights! You are responsible for what happens on your computer, and this is not limited to ArmA/DayZ but in general. The next "tool" maybe steals your bank account logins or credit card data.
If you claim that you are globally banned for joining a hacked server: This is simply impossible, if you have a legit game copy and don't run/use any "tools" then you won't get globally banned by BattlEye. Thus a blatant lie, and liars are not welcome here either.
If you're a hacker/cheater hit by BattlEye for ruining other people's game: Go away and don't even bother to complain about you being banned by BattlEye. Known hacker/cheater are permanently banned from this community as well. 
Kind regards

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#23444 Rumours round the camp-fire - Contaminated crates of C.C.G.

Posted by Foo on 13 April 2014 - 03:34 PM

'Sat around a camp-fire the other night with some fellow survivors, most of whom I know, and one old guy I have never met before.'


This wily old fella told us a tale of a group of travellers around these parts, who live the lone wolf existence, wandering the land setting up camp and keeping far away from the troubles that this Apocalyptic world has thrown us all into.


I started to nod off at this point, but was reawakened with the following rumour.


This group of nomads have an item each, hidden around this area, that they treasure beyond anything. No-one seems to know exactly what they are, but what is known is that the contents are contaminated.




A great reward is offered for the items destruction. Each destroyed contaminated box will register at Custom Combat Gaming Headquarters, as well as an announcement pop up on your server.


The contaminated boxes are rumoured to exist on all servers and if you can find them and destroy five* of the contaminated boxes, radio C.C.G. to confirm their destruction.


Please ensure you destroy all five (5) boxes within 1 month of destroying the first contaminated box you find. This is a critically timed situation.


You will be rewarded with a Tier 3 Base box for your efforts.


The destroyed containers must be by a single player, if you have a clan you need to organise one (1) person to destroy all the boxes.


*The destroyed containers must be from the same server – not three (3) from Panthera and two (2) from NAPF, or any mix, five (5) from one server only.

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#123130 Tolerated Language On Our Servers

Posted by Echoplex on 30 January 2016 - 09:53 PM

It seems lately that a lot of players think that they can say whatever they want on our servers because this is the internet and there's no one to stop you from being a keyboard warrior.


Let's make a few things clear. The rules state and i quote "Respect players and admins at all times (this includes toxic language and racism)", but it seems for the most part that the respecting players part is ignored completely so I want to give players a few examples of the kind of language we will not tolerate.


Examples of what is not tolerated:


Get cancer

Go hang yourself

I hope your family dies of cancer / or fire




Dirty Jew / Kike

I raped you mum / sister / brother



These are just a few examples of the kind of things we are seeing day in and day out and no matter how many times we warn or even ban players, the message doesn't seem to be getting across.


You are playing a game. When you are playing a game the aim is to have fun. Should you die, deal with it or take a break. Mouthing off a bunch of vile comments to someone while hiding behind your keyboard is not the way to behave and will be punished severely. 


No excuses that it was your brother, sister, mum, dad or friend will be accepted.



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#107613 Support CCG

Posted by Kehan on 16 September 2015 - 12:22 AM

Hey Guys!


As most of you have already heard or seen, CCG are closing down some servers and wiping the rest that they keep.

->  http://customcombatg...server-pruning/


Some of you might be angry about this decision, because all the time you have spent gathering materials for your bases, weapons etc will be lost. I think I have played more than most here on the CCG servers, and yes.. Its a poke in the side & a sad moment, but see it from a bigger perspective. With the decisions made by BI to put a stop for donating in-game perks something had to be done about this to make it fair for everyone.


Newcomers don't have a chance anymore to build bases if a server is occupied by bandits, who have played here for months and months, stocked up on base safes from the time it was possible to get them, they could tear down any base within minutes - scaring newcomers off the servers.


I think the staff of CCG made the right decision about wiping the servers, and I can't wait to get in on all the action at the missions when the servers are relaunched! It's gonna be epic!


It sounds like a big deal and a lot to swallow, but in a few weeks you've forgot all about it, you have made new enemies and friends and everyone is happy - Just be happy CCG ain't BI.. Because then we would be playing Arma 3 now  ;)



I will as allways support CCG with donations every month as I've always done, and I hope you will do the same.

I will never switch to arma 3, so If you like me love this game.. Help to keep it running.



Just had to get it off my chest!  :ph34r:

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#90836 Voice over side

Posted by Redi on 19 May 2015 - 12:19 PM

We have been monitoring the numerous complaints regarding using and abusing the sidechat death to choose a more convenient spawn and recognise the grief this has been causing.

The time to act is upon us and we have now addressed this issue.

Should you attempt this method you will be met by a size 12 boot and will swiftly ejected from the server.

/killme or a 'leap of faith' will be the only options from here out.

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#17009 What's your set up?

Posted by maca134 on 12 February 2014 - 09:15 AM

I have duel core.


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#145622 CCG TS Help Closed for Christmas / New Years 2016 / 17

Posted by Redi on 15 December 2016 - 10:18 AM


As many of you are aware, Christmas is just around the corner (gasp, really?!) and the majority of the CCG Team will be spending time with their families (many have already gone) as should you.

We will be closing Teamspeak Christmas Eve/Day & Boxing Day (24th/25th/26th)* and again New Years Eve & New Years Day (31st/1st)*. This will only apply to the "Help" channels, public channels will remain open as usual.

We have already begun to get in the spirit and have started to slow our activities somewhat. You may still see the odd Admin online but please dont bombard him/her with trivial issues, refunds and compensation for a car that can be easily re-obtained or with he said she saids, instead, wish them a Merry Christmas :)

The forum will of course still be online with tons of information and fixes for all kinds of issues with Arma or the mods.

We will still be there in the background keeping an eye on the integrity of servers as we are 365 days of the year but we want to enjoy this time as much as anyone else because believe it or not, we are also human :P

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty and support throughout the year, it really means a lot to CCG that you horrible lot have stuck with us :P

I hope you enjoy your time with your families and I and on behalf of the entire CCG Team would like to wish you all very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to the sock count ;)


*Dates of TS closure subject to change

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#122695 CCG Announces "Fast trading"

Posted by Deadneck on 26 January 2016 - 10:32 AM

CCG's Fast Trading is now exclusive to all CCG Arma 2 servers!
Enjoy the ease of buying and selling at the touch of the button.
1. A dialogue box will appear at the top right of the screen letting you know your trade has began. Move away or use the scroll wheel action to cancel the trade!
2. The scroll wheel action is named "Cancel Trade", press it to stop trading after the desired number of items is bought or sold. 
3. The amount of items you have left to buy or sell, this will go up each second.
CCG had also changed the trader menu to show you which ammo your Primary Weapon allows!
Green = Item in inventory available to sell
Blue = Primary ammo available to buy.

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#91324 CCG Event - How good do you know...

Posted by ImUnleasheD on 22 May 2015 - 03:27 PM

You have looted, you have murdered and you have been killed… but how good do you know the map you are playing on?
We (ccg) are going to place 1x Tier 2 base safe on each server (we are going to post the codes on the event page) and your job is it to find this base safe!
“But how can I find it without any hints?”
We are going to publish a screenshot of the location on the event page.
Ahhh mhhh the computer crashed and the screenshots got damaged…

Can you find the location and claim yourself a tier 2 base safe?

Part 1 - Chernarus
>Starts on Saturday, 23th of May, 18:00 GMT

Part 2 - Lingor
>Starts on Sunday, 24th of May, 18:00 GMT

Part 3 - Namalsk
>Starts on Monday, 25th of May, 18:00 GMT

Part 4 - Taviana
>Starts on Tuesday, 26th of May, 18:00 GMT

Part 5 - Napf
>Starts on Wednesday, 27th of May, 18:00 GMT


Thursday (28th) = Day off

Part 6 - Sauerland
>Starts on Friday, 29th of May, 18:00 GMT

Part 7 - Panthera
>Starts on Saturday, 30th of May, 18:00 GMT

> Arma 2 Overpoch Event! <

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#106828 Another combat logger, another funny house for him to live in!

Posted by Samsonite on 08 September 2015 - 08:54 PM

TiiuUrb.jpgNot quite as elaborate as some, but I was bored and it was built using only excess material I had on hand. 



This fellow (Big Wet Beaver) did the old "log off in a scientist mission 1 minute before restart", but I was waiting for him after the restart. He logged in the drivers seat of his car, so I built him a new home. 



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