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@  Matt76 : (17 October 2017 - 08:08 PM)

got board http://customcombatg...st-apex/page-13

@  Joní : (14 October 2017 - 02:41 PM)

Bye bye

@  AIRCAV : (12 October 2017 - 01:08 AM)

@Matt76, thanks.

@  Barney626 : (10 October 2017 - 08:32 PM)

Exile Esseker mid trader has been updated to fix the old office trader location and give it all a lick of paint.

@  Matt76 : (10 October 2017 - 07:40 PM)

higher res vehicle and uniform textures on wasteland :) http://customcombatg...st-apex/page-12

@  Matt76 : (09 October 2017 - 08:16 PM)

hellooo Pee :)

@  Blucas : (09 October 2017 - 03:58 PM)

Peeeee :D

@  PeeBeds : (09 October 2017 - 01:42 PM)

Hi :D

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@  Blucas : (08 October 2017 - 08:47 PM)

@Ralium TS is better to get a faster response, shoutbox is mainly for general discussions and isn't checked as often :)

@  Ralium : (08 October 2017 - 03:10 PM)

sorry for spam

@  Ralium : (08 October 2017 - 03:10 PM)


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@  Ralium : (08 October 2017 - 03:05 PM)

unlock my thread terminator used my account to make and appeal im not him

@  Ralium : (08 October 2017 - 03:04 PM)


@  maca134 : (07 October 2017 - 11:59 PM)

Exile Player Panel is back online!

@  Yolo Medic : (06 October 2017 - 10:26 PM)


@  DonLadi : (06 October 2017 - 06:43 PM)

All Good Joni thinks like that have to be done, better sooner than later ^^

@  Joní : (06 October 2017 - 06:28 PM)

Sorry about the recent downtime on the forums. Back-end maintenance was being done.

@  Matt76 : (01 October 2017 - 10:33 PM)

could do with some thoughts around purchasing vehicles in wasteland http://customcombatg...-34#entry154861


ok to steal from player vehicles while in trade?

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Hi, just curious if this is ok at ccg.


For example, just now a player named Shaun while I had my vehicle unlocked to manage inventory stole everything from my car's inventory as well as my gas.


Not a big deal to me at all, it can all be replaced. It's more of a principle thing if it is against the rules.


It seems like with all the effort and technology going into making the trade zone a place where people can't mess with your car, kill you etc....that there would be a rule against stealing so I thought I would make this post to find out for sure one way or the other.


This happened 5-10 minutes before the time of posting this. So about 3:30am 3/1/2017 EST on Frankie's Tanoa (dev) server.


P.S. Love the server fellas, thanks for hosting. It's got some bugs but over all very fun to play on. If I can ever help with anything I would love to get involved.

i love this post, bro. its definitely one of the worst aspects of this server. players just waiting in the trade zones for restarts or for you to just pull up and take your gear while youre not paying attention. shouldnt be an issue but is. im with you 100% on this one. keep um' honest.


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if you play solo this is impossible. something i deal with daily. 



No, it is NOT impossible. Solo players every day use the traders just fine. Im pretty sure RD plays solo... seems to work for him. And i play solo quite a lot myself. I hardly ever get stolen from in trader as long as i play smart. You are not entitled to just role your car into trader and park 2 feet from a vendor and think everything will be fine. Everything RD outlined works well. So does using random traders, using less popular traders, not trading the last 30 mins or so of a server cycle, using discrete vehicles to trade, putting the more expensive items on your person when you go into a trader, trading directly to/from a vehicle, doing your trading mostly at low server pop times... and i could go on and on.


Also im pretty sure it has already been mentioned in this thread but our trader rules have been updated to help protect players from trader trolls.


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in that case warped i have a question for you( have read the rules and i think that stealing in trade zones should not be allowed but im not the owner/admin or a part of the ccg team so its your decision) but here i'll try to paint you a pic im driving into the trader zone( already have the undying buff) my car is filled with high end loot( 5000 pt in total only the cargo) and 1 guy is running towards my car( still driving from other side of the area heading to Waste dumb) and i move the car so that i dont run him over but he moves in unison with me and the car almost like hes hellbend on stealing from it do i

A. run him over and suffer a ban because i dont want some lazy guy to steal my stuff that i used arund 24 hours in total to find. or do i B. try to leave and risk getting shot after i left the safe zone because he followed me on his car( having more than 10km too the nearest wastedum/trader zone). or do i C. run him over and say that he could just have moved and not try to steal my stuff in the side chat


Kind Regards Gabriel Angelos

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Or D) Go round him and drive past him, you are in a car so you can out run him. 

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E: don't drive toward him, get out of the car and lock your car, get to a trader and sell in the trader via the Cargo tab...


Also technically you could aslo


Run past him, lock your car, tell him to step away, if he doesnt then he can suffer a ban as he's just weaslying around your car as stated to be a bad thing by the rule.


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Best bet is to keep some sort of video recorder on hand. You only need to turn it on in trader, and if the quality is low (but still not a potato) you can supplement your video with screen shots (i.e. to read names). This will protect your own actions in game and since FPS in trader is not an issue, no real reason not to record.


But as Barney said, you can just move away from him. Perhaps im not totally following your scenario, but as the rules state following a player around in trader with the intent to steal from them as soon as they park is not allowed. I see no reason why you could not take some actions to get away from him and park elsewhere to use the trader. And worse case you have a video of this guys actions in case you really can do nothing about him being a troll. I do not recommend running him over. This just makes more problems PLUS if your whole intent is to keep from having stuff stolen, ramming is the last thing you want to do since when rammed a player can quickly access your gear.


The reason we do not flat out deny stealing in traders is pretty simple, we are not in the business to hold your hand in game. We do not have the time to do so and we do not have the willpower to wade through tons of upset people posting that "so-and-so" stole from them while providing us evidence that maybe only shows that 6 people ran to his car... how can we tell which one of the six stole? This not only would be near impossible to enforce, but would be very easily abusable by people who want to get a grudge of theirs banned.


We TRIED to have no rule on this. Let people just be wary of traders because its a PvP game and should be treated as such. But after to many people doing nothing but trolling in trade zones for entire server cycles we had to step in. Which is sort of the way everything in arma is, a few asshole ruin it for everyone else. Which is also why the rule is worded the way it is, where theft of opportunity (player makes no attempt to secure his car in trader) is different then actively trying to weasel your way into someones kit or car.


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then i have a very small question stealing a car before the owner logs off or dies is against the rules but taking the shit in it is not that makes absolutly no sense since if the car is unlocked you could still take it and drive it to the Waste dumb and sell it for pop taps( not saying that i want to steal other peoples cars but still) also when i  have over 5k in wealth in my cars inven i always use the wastedumb to sell to get the most respect out of it since if i sell it this way i get 10% respect of the Whole sell and not only 10% of each item


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We have a script that keeps unfriendly players from driving an owned car away. This is to help protect the players and limit the amount of stealing that can go on. Yes people can still take from inside the car, but this is why you need to be careful, we have rules to help stop trolls, and you should record to catch rule breakers.


And as it was said before, if a player is "trolling" the trader in a way that it breaks our rules on theft... record and report. If you are dead set on using a waste dump perhaps use one of the random ones that pop up on the map. Personally i have never had much problem using the static traders. If there is a player hanging around it i either wait, drive far enough away that he can not get in my gear, or ask him to please move. Last time i checked you can park REALLY far away from a waste dump and still use it. If your concern is that it is NOT an owned car and then he CAN jump into it and drive away, then use a roaming trader, and you should not be putting a lot of kit inside an unlockable car. 


Look, our rules are not up for debate. And they are pretty simple for a reason- to make it easy for people to follow and easy for us to enforce. Personally im not really interested in a bunch of "what-if" scenarios and if the player would be in the wrong or not. Nor are we going to re-write the rules so that trader stealing rules would turn into a paragraph of instructions. The rule we have now works pretty dam well. Its a nice balance of fair play and protection. Remember this is a PvP server and we used to have NO rule on trader stealing. It was only because people were doing nothing BUT stealing in trader that we had to step in. So that should let you know where our mindset is on the "morals" of these actions in game.


So my advice, be careful in trader. No amount of rules or scripts we could write would ever fully protect you. Be careful and play smart. If there is something you can do to protect yourself then do it. Even if it means that trading will take up more of your time than you may want. And above all record your game play. If you feel a player broke the rules report it with the video and we will take a look. And on the flip side of it recording in trader makes sure that other players can not try to report you for something that is not against the rules.




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to get the most respect out of it since if i sell it this way i get 10% respect of the Whole sell and not only 10% of each item

.... 10% is 10%. It doesn't matter how you do it. Seriously, think about what you just said.
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Just noticed this topic has still been a little active.


Over time this has become less of an issue. It would be nice if the Exile devs prevented people from accessing inventory in the same way they prevent people from getting in the vehicle even if unlocked in the trade zone. But, life isn't perfect and I'm sure these guys are busy.


It basically boils down to this:

-Do ALL of your inventory management before you get to the trade zone. That is to say transferring anything you need to, to/from bag to car or car to bag etc ...


-While pulling into the trade zone be very aware of how many people there are and if anyone is eyeing you. If the place is packed and/or if people look like they are snooping move on. Don't give them the satisfaction, even if it ultimately isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of life. Move on. Go to another trader. Trade later. Whatever.


-Don't do your looting during high population hours, that just isn't logical anyway. Then you don't need to worry about being at the trader selling to begin with while other people are around.


-For those who don't know, you park and instantly lock your vehicle. From the drop-down on the left, at virtually any seller, you can select your vehicle at the bottom and sell the items from it while it's locked and never have to unlock it again until all the items are sold and/or you are ready to take off.

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